Zendodo Party

Zendodo Party

Zendodos are cute lil' adventurers that live on the WAX blockchain. From time to time, the almighty ZenMother, guardian of Dodoland, will drop Zendodos from the puffy clouds, sending them off to explore the lands. Although these cute adventurers were equipped with sufficient powers to venture the lands, absent-minded ZenMother left these Zendodos with absolutely no intelligence. They need a supreme leader, a knight/knightress in shining armour, a shimmering star in the night sky, to point them in the right direction. Luckily... some of them met a hero like you. Surely, they may not be the most intelligent species to roam DoDoLand but hell do they have loyalty. A Zendodo never leaves its leader and it breaks their tiny weeny heart to nothingness if let go by their leader.
So strap on, pick some Zendodos off the street and launch off for an adventure! Also, make sure to tune in to these channels to get some Zendorific news and ZenMother's updates on her kicks -- kicking off Zendodos from her factory high above.
Last modified 1yr ago