Zendodo Party

Base Rewards

For each boss in Dodoland, there will be a damage requirement to hit the first tier of rewards. The requirements can be found in "Boss Info" before you launch the craft or in "Launchpad". These details can also be found in your "Missions" page!
Should the craft be unable to deal sufficient damage to the boss, Heroes in the craft will retrieve less than 50% of the base rewards.
The resulting ZENDI, ZBP and NFTs earned from the bosses are split based on:
  1. 1.
    Number of Zendodos on the Craft
  2. 2.
    Individual Damage Dealt
The exact calculations of rewards can be found in "Calculations" page!

Higher Tier Rewards

After hitting the Tier I rewards (Base Rewards), Heroes can proceed with completely annihilating the boss as there are 4 more tiers of rewards to be obtained. Achieving these higher tiers of rewards will allow Heroes to earn more ZENDI and ZBP and increasing the odds of NFTs (weapons) dropping from the boss!
Even after reaching the last Tier of rewards, Heroes are encourage to continue