Zendodo Party
At the launch of Mission Crafts, there will be 3 mission themes and bosses for craft owners to choose from! Each with an increased difficulty in defeating them
As the game progresses, we will definitely be introducing stronger bosses, dropping additional loots and rarer NFTs! We may also introduce Seasonal & Event Bosses in time to come!
Each of these Bosses will have a required collective damage to be dealt by all Zendodos in the mission to defeat it. From there, 5 additional Tiers of Damage will be available for Heroes to attain a fatter bunch of loots
In addition, each of this Bosses will have a specific elemental weakness and by equipping the right Weapon, your Zendodos can deal a butt-smacking ton of damage to these bosses! Here's an example of the damage requirements:
The bounty received for defeating the foes in Dodoland will be dependent on the (1) Collective Damage Requirements and (2) Time taken to complete the Mission. However, should the Zendodos on the craft fail to defeat the boss, rewards will be less than 50% of the Base Bounty set by The ZenMother! Make sure you don't bite off more than you can chew or Pyropeck will gobble up your little Zendodos up as dessert - sending them home with a fraction of the rewards and a disproportionate amount of battle scars for memories!
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