Zendodo Party

Attacking the Boss

Once the Mission has started, all Zendodos in the craft will start off with 5 Energy and Heroes can command them to perform a single attack: depleting 1 Energy, or a full-force attack: depleting all Energy available. It takes 15 minutes to recharge its 1 Energy Point. Damage calculations can be seen in the "Calculation" page.

Single Attack

Single Attacks provides a 10% damage boost and depletes 1 Energy Point of the Zendodo! However, repeatedly doing single attack can result in Heroes incurring higher CPU and NET usage and could be unsustainable to some Heroes!

Full-Force Attack

Your Zendodo charges up all its might and within a single blow, consumes all the Energy Points it has! Heroes can utilise this to save on CPU and NET usage.

Damage Calculation

The total damage done to the boss are based on the following factors:
  • Power of your Zendodo
  • Power of the Weapon Equipped
  • Matching Weakness of Boss and Weapon Element
  • Your Dice Roll
  • Single/Full-Force Attack
The in-depth calculation of damage can be found in our "Calculations" page.

The Dice Roll

Upon every attack, be it a single attack or full-force attack, 3 dices will be rolled with a damage boost ranging from 0% (No Boost) to 50% Boost (1% chance of happening).

Battle Booster

Through the Mission, Heroes may utilise Battle Boosters, paid with ZENDI. There will be 3 different boosters at the launch of Mission Crafts - Auto Battle, Recharge and War Cry! These Battle Boosters can help you deal additional damage to bosses, increasing your Reward Tiers
and your individual reward pies

Types of Battle Boosters

Auto Battle
War Cry
Should you be foresee yourself to be inactive over a prolonged period of time, you can boost your Zendodos with the "Auto Battle" Booster and The ZenMother will send her trusty team of War Commanders to lead your Zendodos in battle while you feast in the Dodoland's Tavern.
At every 15 minutes mark (e.g. 4:00AM, 4:15AM and 4:30AM), The ZenMother's War Commanders will send out an attack command, telling your Zendodos to perform either a single attack or full-force attack.
Price: 2 ZENDI for every 30 minutes remaining for the Mission
If the Mission is coming an end but the damage done to the boss is still insufficient or the craft is extremely close to the next reward tier, your Zendodos will be able to quickly gain Energy Points by utilising the "Recharge" Booster. The ZenMother's little kitchen helpers will deliver the finest Pumpkin Soup of Dodoland to recharge your Zendodo's Energy Points back to full! Make sure to only use this Booster when your Zendodos are at its most fatigue point (AKA 0 Energy Points left).
Booster Usage
1st Recharge
2nd Recharge
3rd Recharge
4th Recharge
Every Other Recharges
Previous Cost + 2 ZENDI
Desperate to do an ultimate blow to the boss? You can command your Zendodo to let out an inspiring War Cry, calling upon all Zendodos in the craft to attack the boss. Every Zendodo in the craft will do a single attack and the collective damage done will be added to your damage counter, increasing your pie of rewards from the Mission!
Booster Usage
1st War Cry
Every War Cry after
Previous Cost + 10 ZENDI