Zendodo Party

Tools & Accolades

Heroes are able to obtain Power Boosters such as Tools and Accolades in order to boost the staking power of your Zendodos! Each of these Power Boosters has a multiplier on the top of the card.
Accolades are rewarded from the completion of certain Zendodo Collections and Tools can be bought from our drops or through the future release of Kalea's Tiki Hut where you will be able to spend your ZENDI Coins. Accolades are also displayed on your profile page!
In the example above, the Money Gun (which is a Rally Tool) can be staked along with a single Bulldoze in the Rally Pool, giving Bulldoze a Staking Power boost of 1.16x.
Do bear in mind that there are 2 different sets of tools — Rally Tools & Mining Tools and they are only stakeable in their corresponding Pool Type. E.g. Rally Tools can only be staked in the Rally Pool along with a single Zendodo.
On the other hand, Accolades can be used to stake along with a single Zendodo in any of the Reward Pools!