Zendodo Party

Grand Scheme of Plans

The ZenMother enjoys sitting on her rocking chair, generating ideas on the potential of Zendodos and their heroes. Her current plans can be found in our Whitepaper.

ZenMother's Checklist

  • Sticker Promos
  • Season 0 Base Zendodos
  • Evolving Zendodos
  • Season 0 Limited Edition Zendodos
  • Morphing Zendodos
  • Leaderboard of Heroes
  • Season 1 Base and LE Zendodos
  • Website Launch
  • Rally Pool
  • Mining Pool
  • Tools Sale
  • Staking with Tools
  • Mission Craft Sales
  • Mission Craft Launch
  • Faction War Launch
In addition, you can head to https://zendodo.io to see our roadmap and the time at which we aim to release future developments.