Zendodo Party


The total supply of ZENDI is 100,000,000 ZENDIs and the breakdown will be as such:
  • Zendodo Party Mechanics: 40,000,000 ZENDIs (40% of Total Supply)  — Mining Pool: 12,000,000 ZENDIs (12% of Total Supply)  — Mission Crafts: 20,000,000 ZENDIs (20% of Total Supply)  — Faction Wars: 8,000,000 ZENDIs (8% of Total Supply)
  • Bounties: 10,000,000 ZENDIs (10% of Total Supply)
  • Locked: 50,000,000 ZENDIs (50% of Total Supply)
Zendodo Party Mechanics
Currently, Team Zendodo has launched our Mining Pool; which is the sole method of attaining ZENDIs in our ecosystem. 12% of Total Supply will be allocated to our Mining Pool which its distribution is scaled based on these 3 Key Metrics: (1) Total Number of Heroes Mining (2) Rewards to the Median/Average Hero (3) Price of ZENDI on the market.
Our future release of Mission Crafts, which is envisioned to be the core and main mechanic of Zendodo Party, will be allocated 20% of total ZENDI supply. Following which, Faction Wars will take up on 8% of total ZENDI supply.
This segment includes off-project mechanics and will be used for rewards, marketing and bounty programs. 10% of total ZENDI supply will be allocated to “Bounties”. Example includes our Season 1 Completion Bonus; where Heroes who have collected at least 6 Unique Zendodos of Season 1 will be rewarded with ZENDI Coins. Future Bounty Programs includes — Discord Invitation Rewards & Airdrop Programs that may soon surface.
Locked Tokens
ZENDIs, our main form of utility Token, will not only be limited to Zendodo Party and we aim to have separate utilities to the Token. We are unable to disclose the potential utilities past what we have committed in our Whitepaper but we hope that having these Locked Tokens will convey that Team Zendodo has the foresight and aspiration to expand past Zendodo Party.
Team Zendodo
Heroes may have noticed that our ZENDI Tokenomics divert from majority of other Crypto projects in the aspect that 0% of Total Token Supply has be allocated to the hardworking team behind the project. Team Zendodo believes that it is only right for the Team to receive ZENDIs when there is material utility in the Token.
This being said, there’s a further breakdown to how ZENDIs are recycled back into our project once Kalea’s Tiki Hut is launched (we’re weeks.. wait, days from launch). In simple terms, 95% of ZENDIs spent in the Tiki Hut will be recycled back into Zendodo Party’s NFT-fi mechanisms while 5% of proceeds will be distributed to Team Zendodo for the maintenance of the project. This breakdown will once again be explained in an upcoming article on Kalea’s Tiki Hut.