Zendodo Party
Honeycomb Verification 🎟
πŸ‘Ύ Discord Verification via Honeycomb (In partnership with SixPM Software) In an effort to ensure that our drops land in the rightful hands of earnest Heroes, all of Zendodo Party's drops require ALL Heroes (New & Old) to undergo additional layer of Honeycomb Verification to participate. Steps for Verification: * Head to the #🎟-Honeycomb Channel in Zendodo Party's Discord Server by clicking here For Heroes WITHOUT a Honeycomb Verified Account: 1. Type ".honeycomb" in the channel
2. ENSURE that the message prompt that pops up is meant for you - Indicated as (1) in the Infographic above 3. Follow the instructions as indicated in (2) in the Infographic above 4. Once all the steps are completed, simply type a ".verify" to ensure that your wallet is linked 5. Once you are granted the role of "Honeycomb-Verified" you are good to go for the next drop for Zendodo Party ❀️ NOTE: Ensure that the instructions are meant for you as the links the Bot provides are user-specific! For Heroes WITH a Honeycomb Verified Account: 1. Simply type ".verify" to link your HoneyComb wallets to the server and be assigned the role of "Honeycomb-Verified" and get ready for Zendodo Party's next drop!
For any questions or clarifications, feel free to approach the Admins / Moderators of Zendodo Party for help!
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