Zendodo Party

Mission Crafts

Mission Crafts, our highly anticipated expansion to Zendodo Party, is scheduled to be out this Winter
This new feature will require a much more active participation by the Valiant Heroes of Dodoland, commanding your Party of Zendodos to defeat the atrocious foes roaming the once peaceful land
Keep your allies close too as teamwork will allow you to climb the ranks and defeat the strongest of bosses!
Your fearless Party of Zendodos who head out for missions, will definitely be rewarded with bucket loads of bounties set by our dearest ZenMother to clear her lands of these foes
Bounties will be in ZENDI, Zen Battle Points and for some lucky Heroes, NFTs!
Along with the release of Mission Crafts, there will be 2 new schemas to be introduced: (1) Crafts and (2) Weapons. Without further ado, let us dive into these new asset schemas and how YOU, the Valiant Hero & protector of Dodoland, can head out for Missions!