Zendodo Party

Weekly Rewards

Weekly Rewards for Zendodo Holders

Zendodos may be the cutest creatures that walk the face of Dodoland but The ZenMother understands that it they may not be the easiest to look after them; judging by their dire lack of intelligence. The valiant heroes that took up the responsibility to assist the ZenMother in caring for Zendodos should be handsomely rewarded. With this, the ZenMother will airdrop weekly rewards consisting of WAX and of course, due to your superb ability in baby-sitting Zendodos, she will kick more Zendodos from the puffy clouds into your loving arms.
The current weekly reward pool consists of 100 Winners winning 2,000 WAX & 150 Zendodos. The structure is as such:
Winning Tier
Number of Winners
Wax Reward
Zendodo Reward
50 WAX
1 Carla
25 WAX
2 Lucias
12.5 WAX
1 Lucia
Our Weekly Snapshot happens every Sunday, 6PM UTC!

Weekly Rewards Selection Method

Your total chances in our Weekly Reward =[ Combined Party Power x ( 1 + 0.1 x Number of Unique Zendodos )]
Let’s show you 2 examples on how your Weekly Reward Chances are calculated. Both Hero A and Hero B has 1,000 Combined Party Power. However, Hero A has 3 Unique Zendodos while Hero B has 20 Unique Zendodos.
Hero A Chances = [ 1,000 x ( 1 + 0.1 x 3) ] = 1,300 Chances
Hero B Chances = [ 1,000 x ( 1 + 0.1 x 20) ] = 3,000 Chances
Do note that your Combined Party Power takes into consideration the Power Boost from your Accolades & Tools. It also takes into account all Zendodos that are current staked or placed into your mission craft wallet. With this being said, keep amassing a more powerful and diverse Party of Zendodos!
See your Combined Party Power: http://zendodo.io/Leaderboard
See Past Winners (Click on Past Winners): https://zendodo.io/rewards
The rewards each week is dynamic which is subjected to change.