Zendodo Party

Season Completion Rewards

Every 2 months, The ZenMother will tweak her Factory to create a new season of Zendodos.
In each season, there will be a total of 6 Base Zendodos and 4 Limited Edition Zendodos.
The line-up of our Season 2 Zendodos are shown below:
Season Completion Trophies
The Trophies that will you be getting is stakeable along with a Zendodo to increase its Staking Power and it will be displayed on your Profile Page for bragging rights. Here are the Staking Power boost each Trophy provides:
  • Season Gold Trophy: 1.40x
  • Season Silver Trophy: 1.20x
  • Season Bronze Trophy: 1.10x
This means that if you have a Evolution-VI Zendodo 💎 with 600 Staking Power, staking him along with a Gold Trophy will give him a total Staking Power of 840 🚀 You can see all the Zendodos available in Dodoland here!
Additional Completion Bonuses
WAX and ZENDI amounts distributed will vary across Seasons
On top of the Season Completion Trophies, Heroes will also stand to gain additional congratulatory WAX and ZENDI rewards!
The following are the rewards for obtaining the collection of S2 Zendodos -
For Heroes that’ve collected all Unique Zendodos of Season 2:
  • Season 2 Gold Trophy 🥇
  • 600 WAX 💰 (~USD 276.00)
  • 150 ZENDI 💵 (~USD 303.60)
For Heroes that’ve collected 8 or 9 Unique Zendodos of Season 2:
  • Season 2 Silver Trophy 🥈
  • 175 WAX 💰 (~USD 80.60)
  • 75 ZENDI 💵 (~USD 151.80)
For Heroes that’ve collected 6 or 7 Unique Zendodos of Season 2:
  • Season 2 Bronze Trophy 🥉
  • 75 WAX 💰 (~USD 34.50)
  • 25 ZENDI 💵 (~USD 50.60)
Note: Heroes will be rewarded for every set of required Zendodo obtained. For example, a player obtained 1 Shang-Yu, 2 Duke George, 2 Bullet, 3 Hoseah, 3 Robin, 3 Cobble, 3 Skipper, 3 Stone, 3 Paige and 3 Toddy. This player will obtain all 3 Tiers of rewards. The mint of the Trophy distributed will be based on a randomised order.
Access to following Season Pre-drop(s)
In addition to all those juicy rewards mentioned above, Heroes who are in possession of the current Season Trophies
at the announced snapshot time
will get premium access to the next Season's Pre-drop(s)
Season Champions will thus gain access to earlier mints of the new Season
Previous Season line-ups