Zendodo Party
NFT Management


To set your Zendodos and Mission Crafts up for success, Heroes will need to make a conscious effort in selecting their strongest Zendodos and Mission Crafts of the finest build; recruiting them for Missions.
With this being said, none of your assets will show up within the "Mission" app until Heroes head to the "Inventory" Page, followed by the "Wallet" Tab to recruit your assets that will be sent for Mission.
In essence, this measure prevents Missions from being cut short in the event that the owners of Crafts and Zendodos make any transactions with these assets!

NFT Status

Zendodos, Crafts and Weapons will have different Statuses tagged to them:

Status: Idle

Assets that are Idle means that they can be removed from your mission wallet or assigned to a Knight
(more on this later).

Status: Preparing for Mission/In Mission

Assets with these statuses are tagged to an ongoing Mission and cannot be removed from the Mission Wallet

Status: Mission Completed

Assets with this Status indicate that the craft has returned back to ZenMother's Kingdom, but the bounty from the Mission has yet to be collected. At the point, it requires just 1 Hero to collect the rewards and distribute it to all Heroes within the craft

Status: Assigned

If you have assigned your assets to a Knight, it will have an "Assigned" Status, indicating that you have passed the management of these assets to another player, and you won't be able to launch/battle with these assets. Do read the page on "Kings & Knights" to better understand this mechanism.

Removal of Asset

Once your Zendodos and Mission Crafts have been beaten and bruised, Heroes that wish to send them back to the staking pool or trade these assets, can head to the "Inventory" Page to remove assets with "Idle" Status. This action will send the asset directly back to your WAX wallet.