Zendodo Party

Reward Pools

Our Reward Pools 💰 (Staking Pools) mechanism was launched on 1st September 2021, 4PM UTC and we’re here to introduce our Staking Pools 🚀
There are 2 different Staking Pools — Rally Pool & Mining Pool.
  • Rally Pool — Stake Zendodos to earn Zendodos
  • Mining Pool — Stake Zendodos to mine Zendi Coins

Rally Pool

Never underestimate the influence and attraction your dear Zendodos have on other Zendodos ❤️ The Zendodos you lead have the ability to rally more Zendodos into your Party 🎊
In the Rally Pool, Heroes are able to stake their Zendodos to attain more Zendodos. The quantity of Zendodos that will be distributed via the Rally Pool will be decided on a weekly basis based on the following factors:
  • Total Number of Heroes Staking in the Pool
  • Expected Zendodos rewarded to the average/median Hero
  • Secondary Market Prices of Zendodos
The Zendodos rallied into your Party will be of the current Season’s Base Zendodo. For example, Season 1’s Bailey or future Season’s Evolution I Zendodo ⚓️ . Heroes are then able to obtain higher evolution Zendodos through evolving these Zendodos 🔥

Mining Pool

It’s tough work 😰 but your Party of Zendodos will get the mining done for you! Your Zendodos will go 30,000 feet deep into the ground to find you some Zendi Coins 💰
In the Mining Pool, Heroes are able to stake their Zendodos to mine for Zendi Coins. The Zendi Coins rewarded each week will be decided beforehand according to similar metrics stated above. These Zendi Coins may be used for the following non-exhaustive functions:
  • Purchase Zephites (New Breed in Dodoland)
  • Purchase Bronze Tool Packs
  • Purchase Zapping and Forging Potions
  • Forging Tools to a Higher Evolution
  • Speed up Mission Crafts Cooldown Period

Zendodo's Staking Power

The staking power of each of your Zendodo can be found on the top of your Zendodo Card or in the immutable data of the NFT. With every evolution of your Zendodo, there is a significant boost to its Staking Power! So don’t leave any spare Zendodos lying around 🔥
The reward you receive will be the % of your total staking power in comparison with the global staking power. For example, if the reward that will be distributed for the hour is 10 Zendi Coins in our Mining Pool and a Hero stakes 10% of the global staking power, he will receive 1 unclaimed Zendi Coin during our hourly distribution.
Move on to the next topic on Tools to see how to Boost you Staking Power!

How to use the Staking Interface?

With the complexity of our Smart Contract, Heroes are able to stake and unstake more than 1 asset at a time on our staking page! As seen from the screenshot above, when a Hero clicks on an asset to be staked, the assets are shaded and a number pops up! This allows Heroes to better visualise which Power Booster will be staked along with their Zendodos. As the Hero goes on to click on a shovel to be staked along with their Zendodo, the tool will be shaded along with the same number as the paired Zendodo.
Hence, if the Hero goes on to click the stake button and signs the transaction (do enlarge the image for a better visuals) in the example given above, these will be the assets staked:
  • 1st Paired Asset (#1): Bailey + Shovel
  • 2nd Single Asset (#2): Bailey
  • 3rd Paired Asset (#3): Bailey + Shovel