Zendodo Party
Crafts & Weapons
To embark into the wide and vast Dodoland in search of foes, your Zendodos will require a mode of transport - the specific purpose of Crafts
As seen in the image below, each craft will posses a certain capacity and rarity (from the colour of the gem
). As the capacity of these crafts increase, its rarity increases as well
A craft with higher capacity would allow for more Zendodos to tag along in your missions, and as a result, the amassed Party of Zendodos will be able to deal more collective damage and defeat stronger bosses to earn more rewards!

Craft Owners

Heroes who own these mission crafts will be able to:
  • Choose the mission to embark on
  • Set a commission and receive a portion of ZENDI earned by all Zendodos on their craft
  • Set a highly secretive code to have only their trusty companions on board the craft
  • Set a minimum power requirement to join the mission to ensure their foes are utterly destroyed


Heroes, if you fear your brave Zendodos aren't strong enough to defeat the bosses, fret not! We will be releasing a new schema of assets called "Weapons"
These weapons can be equipped to a Zendodo when they are sent out for Missions, providing these Zendodos with additional power for the battle ahead
Weapons in Dodoland have different element types (Fire, Earth, Water & Air) and will confer additional attacking power based on the weakness of the bosses
These legendary tools are dropped from Missions at a low probability πŸ€. If this piques your interest, find out the chances of these Weapons dropping by heading to our "Calculations"!
Additionally, ZenMother's hardworking Team of Developers will be immediately working on creating "The Forge" for Heroes to upgrade these weapons and your staking tools straight after the release of Mission Crafts
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