Zendodo Party

Best Blockchain Game Voting

Vote for Zendodo Party and win >1,000USD in NFTs & WAX!
Zendodo Party has been nominated as one of the projects in PlayToEarn.Net’s Best Blockchain Game of 2021 🎊 Zendodo Party voters will dip their hands in a prize pool worth over 1,000USD!

1) Follow the steps on our Givelab Giveaway Page!

2) Take a reference below for the screenshot to be posted in our #🏆-best-game-vote channel on Discord.

We will be checking for (1) The address you've voted with & (2) Confirmation of Vote
Voting on Desktop
Voting on Mobile (Metamask)

Prize Pool

Season 3 Silver Pack: 3 Winners (~USD70 Ea.)
Lab Batch 1–3 Zephites Pack: 3 Winners (~USD45 Ea.)
25 WAX: 40 Winners (~USD14 Ea.)
Season 3 Evolution I Zendodo: 30 Winners (~USD3.5 Ea.)

Award for Zendodo Party

Top 10 Prizes: Winner’s Trophy on the Game Details Page
Top 50 Prizes: Listed on the 2021 Award Winners Page
Zendodo Party will be able to clinch for following awards and be prominently featured on PlayToEarn’s native webpage! This will allow for more Un-Knighted Heroes to find out about our project and join in on the fun. (Hint: The more players there are, the bigger the earning potential for our upcoming Mission Crafts 🛳 )

Word from Team Zendodo

We are extremely honoured to be considered in this campaign and would like to thank the team as well as all you Heroes for your unwavering support
With that Heroes, it is time for us to rally up and showcase the might of our community ⚔️ After all, Zendodo Party wouldn’t be a Party without you guys 🚀 Show your love and backing for Zendodo Party in clinching this award