Zendodo Party

Evolution & Morphing


These lovable Zendodos, alike humans, have a strong connection and attraction towards one another. When 3 Zendodos come in contact with one another *Poof* they evolve into something cuter and something stronger. However, its requires you, their ultimate leader, to decide when is the best time for them to go evolving. Check out ZenMother's Evolution Guide:


There's a folklore revolving around how Zendodos; at certain time of the year become extremely unstable or even close to radioactive. Just a simple touch of the right chemical and your Zendodo morphs into something completely different.. some says its cuter, some says its badder but they are definitely rarer. Nearby at your local tavern, the brewmaster puts up a sign reading "Currently Brewing Morphing Potions -- Limited Stock Available". As you enter his tavern, he smirks at you and says "Just your luck, I'm outta stock but I'll be sure to blow the Tavern Bell when I'm done with my next batch! In the meantime, you can take a look at my life-long research on Morphing Potions."

Evolution & Morphing Site

For Heroes like yourself to evolve or morph your Zendodos, please head over this link!