Zendodo Party

ZenMother's Drops

Understand more on how to get Zendodo.io Assets
From time to time, The ZenMother would kick Zendodo Party assets to the community! Assets could involve NFTs such as Zendodos, Packs, Morphing Potions and Tools. There are 2 Primary ways the dear ZenMother kicks down these NFTs - Keyed Open Drop & Whitelisted Drops.
Trusty Heroes, do read the information below to ensure you never miss out on any of The ZenMother's kicks. Before the ZenMother does her spectacular kicks, she will be sure to broadcast the kick information through her trending Twitter account, Discord server and Telegram channel.
The main purpose of Keyed Open Kicks would be to allow new Heroes the opportunity to participate in ZenMother's Kicks. Keyed Open Kicks fundamentally means that there are no requirements to participate in the drop and Heroes will require a password (key) in the drop link to participate in the drops. In addition, the drop link (along with the password embedded) will be sent at the time of the drop. This mechanism is in place to prevent players who use scripted bots from participating in her Kicks.
Keyed Open Kicks involve NFTs such as Zendodos and Packs.
Whitelisted Kicks are in place to allow serious Heroes the opportunity to get more Zendodo.io Assets. Heroes will require a certain Zendodo Party Power in order to participate in these Kicks. The Party Power to participate in these Kicks will be announced beforehand and the Party Power snapshot will be taken an hour before any of our drops. The ZenMother's Whitelist mechanism is in place to prevent flippers (players that purchase assets simply for secondary market resale) from attaining her NFTs.
Whitelisted Kicks involve NFTs such as Zendodos and Packs. Morphing Potions will only be released via Whitelisted Kicks.
Heroes are able to check out their Zendodo Party Power here.